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Cooperative Edition Workshop

with Joana & Mariana

4th to 8th November

This workshop’s aim is to create an experimental and collective publication from the assets of “Cooperativa dos Pedreiros” (Porto 1014–). Several ways of generating editorial contents will be created in order to develop a portfolio, from analyzing documents, materials and other information from Cooperativa.

This portfolio will be built upon formal and technological elements inherent to the production of a whole family of artifacts which now belong to the museum of the “Cooperativa”. And, as well, from elements gathered from its  architectonic heritage, which still today defines the landscape of the city, both suit as a teaser for the creation of this edition.

The goal of the workshop is to edit and reproduce a collective publication from an iconographic and particular universe with technical assistance of Catarina Marques. Publication with 24 to 48 pages, format 17.5 × 25 cm. Each participant will make two double pages (2 × 35 × 25 cm).

Technical Unconscious Mariana



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