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Future of Art and Science Collaborations 20.02.2015

Open public event

Centre for contemporary art DOX
Poupětova 1
Prague, Czech Republic


Conceptual frame:
Art and new technologies are becoming more and more connected together. Within the VETLICAT project a special module will take place – Future of Art & Science Collaborations. This module will focus on future of connecting these two fields, especially from theoretic point of view. Every third Thursday you can visit the lectures and listen to interesting speakers from Czech Republic and abroad who are specialized on the field of connecting art and new technologies, and obviously discuss the related topics with them.



Doc. Ing.
Ivan M. Havel, CSc., Ph.D.
Ivan M. Havel graduated in 1966 from Czech Technical University in Prague. During 1969-71 he attended the University of California at Berkeley, earning his Ph.D. in Computer Science. For several years he worked as a research scientist with the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. His fields of interest are theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, and related philosophical issues. Presently he is a docent (associate professor) at Charles University and director of the Center for Theoretical Study, an international cross-disciplinary institution affiliated with Charles University and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Since 1990 he is the editor-in-chief of Czechoslovak scientific journal Vesmír (The Universe). He is a member of Academia Europea and serves on boards of several academic institutions and educational foundations.

PhDr. Jaroslav Anděl
Jaroslav Anděl studied photography at FAMU and history of art at Faculty of Arts Charles University in Prague. In 1996-1998 Anděl became a director of Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of National Gallery in Veletržní palác. He is the author of numerous publications and exhibitions on modern and contemporary art. Worked as a curator, consultant, museum director, and educator; currently holds the position of artistic director at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. Recently initiated the series of public debates 12 Hours of the Future (2013, 2010) and DOXagora (2012) and authored the exhibitions Cartographies of Hope: Change Narratives; Jonas Mekas: …As I Am Moving Ahead.. Glimpses Of the Past Linger…; The Lucifer Effect (2011); Thinking Without Limits: Inspired by Rudolf Steiner (2011); and The Future of the Future (2010).

Louis Bec
Louis Bec is a biologist and zoosystemician who extends hisscientific field with a fabulatory epistemology based on Artificial Life
and Technozoosemiotics. He became known through his efforts related toextending biological evolution and simulating new life forms, emphasizing
in particular how these ‹could› bring forth evolution. In 1972, Bec founded the Institut Scientifique de Recherche Paranaturaliste, where he studies the incapability of living beings tounderstand their own existence. Bec is both artist and scientist in the field of artificial life and 3D technologies. He is as much a biologist, artist, curator and educator, and has been a ministry officer for new technologies in arts. Bec is Director of CYPRES (Centre Interculturel de Pratiques et Echanges Transdisciplinaires) in Marseille. He has presented his ideas in many exhibitions, such as Alife II and From Animals to Animats, and articles.

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