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MutaMorphosis: Tribute to Uncertainty

Wow!! A Mutamorphosis II event!! I went to the first one and thought it was one of the most amazing conferences that I had EVER been to! … Really looking forward to this event!”
Rachel Armstrong, TED Fellow

MutaMorphosis is a conference on mutant futures and a platform for sustained mutalogues.
The first MutaMorphosis conference subtitled Challenging Arts and Sciences took place in Prague in November 2007 within the 40th anniversary celebrations of Leonardo | Journal of Arts, Sciences and Technology. It was a successful event thanks to the participation of a large number, diversity and quality of interdisciplinary experts, the themes discussed, the issues they raised, and last but not least the coherent and efficient organisation by CIANT | International Centre for Art and New Technologies.

Feel free to browse 2007 on-line proceedings (ISBN 978-80-254-0691-5) with over 70 papers and introductory texts with focus on extreme and hostile environments.

Here we are now, in 2012, five years after the first conference, ready to re-visit its intriguing themes and to introduce new ones while reflecting on recent and near future transformations at the intersections of arts, sciences and social change with a new subtitle: Tribute to Uncertainty (explore the theme!) and connect with conference Attractors.

Main partners for 2012 are the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic | Centre for Science, Technology and Society Studies at the Institute of Philosophy (also to publish selected papers in Theory of Science | Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies of Science) and Planetary Collegium, an international platform for research in art, technology and consciousness, with its hub and president Roy Ascott based in the University of Plymouth. Part of the MutaMorphosis II conference will be a composite session of the Planetary Collegium and selected papers will be published in the Technoetic Arts Journal.

As in 2007, there will be conference proceedings with ISBN published on-line.

Main host venues are the New Stage of the National Theatre, home of the first multimedia theatre ever, the legendary Laterna Magika, and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Prague December 6-8, 2012!



Preparatory Committee (alphabetical order):
Roy Ascott | Artist and educator | Planetary Collegium
Louis Bec | Biologist, artist and educator | Associated Researcher at CIANT
Roger Malina | Physicist, astronomer, editor | University of Texas at Dallas
Pavel Sedlak | Producer, curator, editor | Deputy Director of CIANT
Pavel Smetana | Artist and educator | Director of CIANT

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