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SOFT CONTROL: Open call for a research theoretical residency in Maribor with an end result of a theoretical expertise/analises connected to Art, Science and the Technological Unconscious

Deadline for applications: The 12th of February 2013- end of the day.

This open call for a residency requires an intensive and interdisciplinary research on a field of art and science theory, researching artistic works and other related theoretical, scientific and artistic works for developing a specific theoretical expertise/analises connected to a specific niche of the Technological Unconscious.

A residency opportunity is going to be announced on March 1, and is going to happen in Maribor in March 2013 (it is negotiable).

The project Soft Control is a platform where artists, scientists and other cultural operators open their laboratories and their research projects to a specialised and non-specialised audience. At the same time the project is a framework for artist and scientist constructively sharing knowledge and cultural models of critical thinking, activism and experimentation.

Selection procedure
The application must be in  pdf format (sent by e-mail) and must include:
1. A brief biography of the artist (2500 characters including spaces).
2. Curriculum vitae (2500 characters including spaces).
3. Brief description of the research field (2500 characters including spaces).
4. Description of the research project including (2500 characters including spaces):
- description of the main frame of an idea and a description of a part of the project to be developed in Maribor
- work plan for the development of the project in Maribor

The Selection Committee:
1.) Aleksandra Kostič, art historian and curator
2.) Dejan Pestotnik, multimedia producer
3.) Stjepan Mikec, project manager at Project manager at INTK – Institute
of Advanced Technologies and Communications
4.) Žiga Dobnikar, curator
5.) Pavel Sedlak, arts manager, curator, editor, freelance journalist
IMPORTANT: applications which do not include the required information and/or exceed the extension limits will not be considered.

For further information and submitting the applications, please contact
Lidija Pačnik Awais
Tel.: +386 – 059-076-372

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