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VIRTUOSI symposium & RIXC’s 15th anniversary

Symposium “Virtuosi – multiscience art platform” takes place from May 14th until 16th, 2015, at RIXC Gallery (11. novembra krastmala 35) in Riga, Latvia. The symposium brings together three important events of Spring 2015 – the closing of the “Virtuosi” exhibition, 15th anniversary of RIXC and the ending of EU cooperation project “Soft Control”.

The programme comprise sound and bioart workshops by Slovenian artists Maja Smrekar and Monika Pocrnjic. In turn, the following week (May 20–24, 2015) part of “Virtuosi” artworks by artists Paula Vitola and Rihards Vitols as well as “Talk to Me” installation by RIXC artists Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits and Martins Ratniks will be exhibited in Maribor, Slovenia.

“Virtuosi” symposium offers rich programme of lectures, presentations and workshops around the topics – sound art and experiments, alternative food resources, collecting and archiving, communication technologies and bioart. Participants of the “Virtuosi” symposium are “Virtuosi” exhibition artists Rihards Vitols, Paula Vitola, Maija Demitere, Krista Dintere and Kristaps Biters, RIXC artists Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits, artist Gints Gabrans, biologist Janis Liepins. Established Latvian composer Rolands Kronlaks and sound artist and composer Voldemars Johansons will lecture about data sonification in art and data manipulation in musical compositions.

During the 2-day workshop “Audio.holic” Slovenian artist Monika Pocrnjic will suggest that any object that produces sound can also be a musical instrument. The workshop will provide an opportunity for developing experimental musical objects, made up of various materials and used for the purpose of manipulating sound.

The participants of the “YogHurt” workshop led by Maja Smrekar will have an opportunity to produce yoghurt enriched with genetically modified organisms that contains enzymes of the artist’s body. As the food prices keep growing due to reduction of products amount and increase of world’s population, the artist is looking for new solutions and alternatives for food production in the future.


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