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Playing Fields – lecture / discussion in the framework of the 5th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology

Dates: October 10, 2013

Location: Riga, Latvia

Chair: Armin Medosch. Artistic Committee: Raitis Smits and Rasa Smite

Session topic: Collaborative mapping, curating and tagging as a social game, which expanded fields of artistic practices offer the gratest potential for desirable social change.

The participatory session was organised as pre-event of the exhibition Fields in year 2014 in the framework of the 5th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology. Renew, what was organised in Riga from October 8 till 11, 2013.

RENEW hosted three days of keynotes, panels and poster sessions on the histories of networked digital, electronic and technological media arts.


RENEWABLE FUTURES International symposium

conference on art, science and cultural innovation

Date: May 17 – 18, 2014
Location: Riga and Liepaja, Latvia

Renewable Futures is a new conference series, the launch of which took place during the FIELDS exhibition opening weekend on May 17-18, 2014 in the framework of Riga – European Cultural Capital programme. In a response to recent quests for a more sustainable future and overcoming the crises of the present, the conference aims to invent new avenues for future developments by bringing together traditionally separated domains. Inspired by the approach of FIELDS Exhibition, which does not just look at art in a narrow sense but takes into account all kinds of creative practices that bring together new ways of thinking, scientific knowledge, aesthetics, technologies and social practices. The conference shaped new contact zones between academic research and diversity of contemporary art practices, art and science, sustainable businesses and social engagement in the 21st century.

More then just building an other new Baltic-Nordic collaboration platform, this event aims to play a role of ‘connector’ – maintaining links between different platforms and networks existing in North European and Baltic Sea region, as well as connecting them with the other European countries and the rest of the world.

Conference chairs: Dr Rasa SMITE and Raitis SMITS
RF Conference Series Board: Dr Rasa SMITE, Dr Armin MEDOSCH (AT), Marcus HAGEMANN (DE), Regine DEBATTY (BE/UK), Annick BUREAUD (FR), Margrét Elísabet ÓLAFSDÓTTIR (IS), Lily DIAZ-KOMMONEN (FI), Kristin BERGAUST (NO), Raivo KELOMEES (EE), and others.


Art+Science session in the framework of Renewable Futures conference was dedicated to the new sustainability theories

Date: May 17
Location: Goethe Institute, Riga, Latvia


Ainars KAMOLINS. On History and Philosophy of Art and Bio-Science
Annick BUREAUD. Art in the Future Tense. A Life, Bio Art and Synthetic Biology
Maja SMREKAR. Hu.M.C.C.: Transdisciplinary Guide through the Project
Regine DEBATTY. Artistic Exploration of the Meat Industry. Or How to Reconnect with Your Burger?


Art as Research session 1 – Exploring Relation between Digital and Real Environment in the framework of Renewable Futures conference

Date: May 18
Location: Liepaja University’s Art Research Lab, Liepaja, Latvia



Piibe PIIRMA . Hybrid Practice
Anna TRAPENCIERE. Intimacy and Private Space in Internet of Things Age
Janis GARANCS. Immersive environments as self-adopting interfaces for participats
Anja MALEC. Out of the Black Box Inside the White Cube – On Immersive Environments
Samir BHOWMIK. digGLAM: A Collaborative Digitization Project for the Collections of Gallen-Kallela Museum and its User Communities


Art as Research session 2 – Theories, Practices and Methodologies in the framework of Renewable Futures conference

Date: May 18
Location: Liepaja University’s Art Research Lab, Liepaja, Latvia


Raivo KELOMEES / Estonian Academy of Arts / Tartu University. Transgressing Borders and Building Norms: On Research-Based Artworks – Discussing Interdisciplinary Artworks from Point of View of Ordinary Visitor

Ásthildur Björg JÓNSDÓTTIR / Iceland Academy of Arts / University of Rovaniemi / University of Iceland. On Participatory Research

Lily DIAZ-KOMMONEN / Aalto University. Transformation Through Research

Margrét Elísabet ÓLAFSDÓTTIR / Lorna /  Iceland Academy of Arts. What is the scholar doing here?

Kristin BERGAUST / Oslo University College, Faculty for Art and Design. Art in Society: Artistic Methods as a Resource and Challenge for Innovation in Education

Gisle FROYSLAND. On Pixel Festival

Both Art as Research lecture sessions were dedicated to the theme – From Transdisciplinary Explorations and Participatory Culture to Academic Inquiry.


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