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Artist selected for residencies during Spajalica # 1 / Copula # 1:

Daniele Sambo(Italy, Glasgow): SOWN

14. – 18. 5. 2013 @ 9pm / light installation, different locations (gathering at the Mali Salon for group tours)

Akin to situationist methods of psycho-geography as aimless wandering around the urban environment in order to discover repressed and predicted situations, Daniele Sambo (www.dansambo.com) explores marginal places within the urban centre. Post-industrial, solitary and derelict landscape becomes the focal point of his interest. In these abandoned urban pockets he enters at night with a light medium, changing urban scenery’s ordinariness by a minimum of means, framing and focusing the view on details that primarily spring from found conditions. The slippery slope between truth and illusion raise questions about the possibility of transformation of urban landscape.


PLATTFORMER: Carl Richardson, Tim Mitchell, James Dunn i Nina Scholz, (London): Ping pong in the city / Sonic Platforming

14. – 18. 5. 2013 @ 2 – 6pm / site specific intervention, in front of the Mali Salon

A team of artists and architects named Plattformer (www.plattformer.co.uk) explores the city by including an element of participation through a game into the urban routine: instead of functions regularly associated with the urban centre, Sonic Platforming offers a ping pong match one can participate in passing by, with complete strangers. An invitation to the game surpasses linguistic barriers and opens the zone of connection between random passers-by and “experienced” walkers. The installation is made of refuse materials and found noises gathered in the area, while the soundtrack changes depending on the game. In accordance with their name, this team consisting of Carl Richardson, Tim Mitchell, Nina Scholz and James Dunn builds unpretentious social architectures in public spaces as prospective locations of sociability.

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