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Cultural heritage

12/05/2015 from 12:00 till 15:00 hour
O3one Art Space in Belgrade

Symposium named Cultural heritage, art and new technologies was held 12/05/2015 (from 12:00 till 15:00 hour), in the O3one Art Space in Belgrade. This lecture and panel-discussion was accompanied by the exhibition of sculptures and video art works artist Angela Grabez (www.andjelagrabez.com), called “Time of fables” . This exhibition devoting special attention to contemporary readings of culture and the exchange of innovative ideas and artistic creation that have emerged at the intersection of art, technology, and the way of life in XXI century.

Cultural heritage, art and new technologies

The key-speaker at the symposium was Andjela Grabez. Andjela Grabez, in cooperation with Nebojsa Babic – photographer, and Boris Miljkovic – artist of many talents, spoke about the forms in which today transferred the achievements of culture, and how culltural heritage (such as fables) connects with modern people, how this stories bound into modern tissue and communicate (using new technologies).

Displaying video works ofAndjela Grabez, in which are interwoven humans and animals, their traits, behaviors, attitudes, the author is telling old stories in a new way, explaining how modernization changes the modes of communication but not the essence of the message that is transmitted.

The objective of the lecture was to examine the role technology plays in the development, distribution and preservation of art and material heritage, good and bad sides of this role. Participants talked about technological developments in coordination with art, fables or other stories of cultural heritage, challenging the audience to think and to examine what is the impact of the new chanel of the communication.

Speaking about photography then and now, Nebojsa Babic (www.babic.cc) spoke about different techniques that each photographer use, and about communication through images. No metter what, Babic said that usage of a variety of techniques to get different results, basicly have the same essence – a story about people, view of society, cultural heritage in a new light…

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