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November 2013
Symposium/ Lectures/Artist Talk on Art and Science

Artists and projects presented: Ana Rajčevic, Chris Bruckmayr, Future Lab, Spixels, Dejan Pestotnik, MMC KIBLA, Dobrivoje Milijanovic, Ivan Stanic, Kišobran, Monika Pocrnjic, Nataša Teofilovic, raum.null live, Stevan Kojic

Dom omladine Beograda as part of the European project Soft Control initiated a restart of SUTRA (TOMORROW) festival. The Artist Talk Symposium SUTRA tried in two days to present artists, concepts and projects that explore the relationship of art, science and technology through interviews with artists, presentations and interactive workshops. At the same time SUTRA is the initiative and support of the Dom omladine Beograda to re-launch this Arts and Science Festival in Belgrade.

TOMORROW festival originated as a pilot project 2009th in the Third Festival of Science. As part of this program, programmer Davor Magdic, who lives and works in California, presented scientific and artistic films in collaboration with the Science Film Festival in New York, as well as the software Visikord. Then the first official festival edition SUTRA/TOMORROW was realized through the setting of

The fourth Festival of Science in year 2010 visited by more than 5200 visitors and presented 13 artists and researchers.

The Second SUTRA/TOMORROW festival was realized through the setting in the Fifth Science Festival, in year 2011, in the gallery of the National Bank of Serbia. On the second SUTRA/TOMORROW festival 9 artists works were presented. The SUTRA 2013. as part of Soft Control project presented 12 projects and artists through Artist Talks, several workshops and performances.

The End of the TOMORROW

May 2015.
Lecture & Screenings

Participants: Ivan Stanic, art historian and curator of the SOFT CONTROL, Nataša Teofilocić , Vukasin Stančević and Dusana Nikolic Radosevic , Artistic Project Manager .
Screenings: s | word (2015 ) , Moon Lake Above and Below (2015 ) , and | symmetry [ 2013 ] by Nataša Teofilović
Installation: Colourphone by Vukasin Stančević (2015 )

The Lectures and Artist Talks under the one name The End of the Tomorrow presented the projects and artists who participated in the Soft Control project and the festival Tomorrow. The works produced especially within the framework of the Soft Control project such as a|symmetry by Nataša Teofilović and PressCyclage by Vukasin Stančević were presented, as well as further works of these two artists. Nataša Teofilovic presented her work at CERN. The special guests were the artists, curators and scientists who participated in the project during the three years.

NOTE: There was no subcontracting during the program realization. The program was realized according to the activities planned in the initial project, without any deviation or amendment.

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