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Exhibition Enter Soft Control

Prague, CIANT, Czech Republic 2013 04/04/2013-12/04/2013

The Soft Control ENTER exhibition took place within the frame of ENTER 6 Biopolis. The main aim to expose the laboratory based works, dealing with the borderline between the art and science to a wider public. And to expose the works that are challenging current ethics applications in the area of genetic manipulations, human-machine communication, and ingrowth of technologies into organic sphere of life.

Exhibiting artists:

Adam Harvey, Pavel Kopřiva, Tomáš Černý / Nero, Pavel Karafiát, Tomáš Suchan, Tomáš Vavříček

Vojtěch Kálecký, Anil Podgronik, Mirjan Švagelj, Saša Spačal, Máša Dudziaková, Marie Poláková, Veselina Dashinova, Jalila Essaïdi, Jakub Jansa.

Exhibition Enter the Interface

Prague, CIANT, Czech Republic 2015 23/04/2015-30/04/2015

In collaboration with National Technical Library (NTK Prague) and Centre for contemporary art DOX, CIANT organized SoftControl Enter the Interface exhibition. The main focuses were put on global “post-internet” artistic movement and artworks hugely influenced by the findings in natural sciences (synthetic biology, nano-technologies, bio-feedback, genetics) and the works grown in extremely fertile blurred intersection among traditionally divided fields of art, science and technologies. Some more traditional forms of media art were engaged too: 3D prints, laser scanning in real time, interactive laser-dance performance etc.

Key artists: Frederik de Wilde, Peter Flemming, Kristoff Slussareff, Andrej Boleslavsky, Michael Bielicky, Ivor Diosi, Milam Mikuláštík, Monika Šmídová, Mária Júdová, Josef Průša, Hrvoje Hiršl, Marc Dusseiller


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