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15. Symposium CIANT, Prague, Czech Republic 2012, 06/12/2012-08/12/2012

On Mutamorphosis, tribute to uncertainty

The Symposium was following the 2007 event, whereas the situation in the world has changed considerably. Soft Control MutaMorphosis II was therefore to be contextualised in a world undergoing a complete mutation, jolting at all its points of articulation, whether political, economic, diplomatic, geographic, ecological, technological or communicative. It is also a world whose hierarchies are being shaken, whose disparate social organisations are being disrupted, a multicultural, hybrid, young, active and communicative world representing 7 billion human beings. MutaMorphosis II thus proposed to “play the role” of a probe furnished with a panoply of configurable tools. It thus proposed not only to carry out observations, exchanges and analyses in connection with contemporary developments, but also to produce and present concrete experiments, to provide support for innovative collaborations and co-productions, associating groups of researchers from various disciplines so as to be in a better position to capture certain forms of the hybridisation of “cultures, knowledge and different forms of expression” and to understand present-day mutations. That is why MutaMorphosis II presented itself not only as a tool for observation and ascertainment, for recording and analysing, but even more so as an effective strategic tool, an exploratory module of concepts and projects which roams the fields of knowledge, revealing and constituting the “interactive” territories of tomorrow, bearing forms of potential expression.
(Louis Bec, zoosystemicien)

29 Symposium Enter Soft Control, Prague, CIANT, Czech Republic 2013 05/04/2013-05/04/2013

Symposium presented theory and practice based projects addressing uncertainty of the division between natural and artificial, novel approaches in interaction between bio-life and digital-space. It was dedicated to ask together questions about future of life, ethics of scientific intrusion into exclusivity of the nature. Last but not least the entanglement of our bodies and technology were examined.

Speakers: Louis Bec (Fr), Attila Nemes (HU), Antoni Abad (ES), Darina Alster (CZ), Daniel Schwarz (GER), ArtistTalk (CZ), Louis Bec (FR), Sergi Bermúdez i Badia (PT), Igor Bodlák (CZ), Maja Smrekar (Sl).

Symposium Prague, Ciant

Czech Republic 2015 23/04/2015-25/04/2015

Art and new technologies are becoming more and more connected together. Discussing the influence of technologies, (especially contemporary digital technologies like web surveillance, BCNI, advanced robotics) on media, art and wide cultural background for human existence, seems to be not only an mandatory issue for intellectual elites, but more and more the popular topic in widest cultural contexts.

The symposium brought the chance for discussing real development potential of technologies like brain-computer-interface, biofeedback, laser scanning, 3D print, artificial intelligence and interactive coding in art and cultural applications.

Venues: DOX Prague, NTK Prague

Key speakers:
Frederic de Wilde – on nano-art
prof. Michael Bielicky – on neo-positivistic science facing the language
Louis Bec – biology, systemiology and speculative zoosystemiology of alternative nature
Daniel Schwarz / Ivor Diosi – on scientific findings in art and serious gaming

dr. Aleksander Väljamäe, Ivor Diosi, Pavel Smetana – BNCI today in art and science
Jitka Cardová, Martin Šust, František Novotný – on sci-fi – science or fiction?

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