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Residents: Martina Zelenika and Dijana Protić
This residency required an intensive and interdisciplinary research on a field of art and science theory, researching artistic works and other related theoretical, scientific and artistic works for developing a specific theoretical expertise/analysis connected to a specific niche of the Technological Unconscious.



Musical performance “Oda človeštvu”

Thursday, 28. 3. 2013, KIBLA

At the end of the residency program of Croatian artist Martina Zelenika – Moon, in collaboration with Peter Tomaž Dobrila and Cameron Bobrom conducted a performance – Ode humanity. The project is a joint production of these artists in the project TABpismo.
Martina Zelenika – Moon is TABpismo developed as a universal language of our time. It is based on the poetry “Ode to Humanity”, which you can listen to the original link:
MMC KIBLA has also chosen among the applications received for the residence of project Soft Control 2 international artists who have presented their work at the festival KIBLIX 2013. Chosen artists were C-drik aka Kirdec and Oscar Martin.

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