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Group exhibition, FBAUP, Porto, Portugal, 2014

The Technical Unconscious exhibition was a highlight of the project. It included a set of 14 artist whose work was specifically developed for this project through a period in residence at Porto. All the works relate with the concept of the project developing a cross that extends to the question of technology and technique, with an emphasis in the so called analog (or manual). The inauguration of the exhibition was attended by and audience of hundreds, including the main players of the cultural scene of the city and during the one month that endured it was visited by thousands. It had a big impact in press with several reportages being developed by the main Portuguese media. We highlight two of this reportages by its quality:

(http://www.publico.pt/culturaipsilon/noticia/o-futuro-vese-da-cooperativa-dos-pedreiros-1673589) and P3 (http://p3.publico.pt/cultura/exposicoes/14262/reactivar-pedreira-para-contar-sua-historia-cidade).

The exhibition allowed to show the possible relation between curatorial research, artistic development and socio-economic impact, highlighting the potential of a post-industrial area with a sustainable solution for the future. The Oporto town hall already showed interest in a developed of the ideas applied in this project for further developments, together with other economic agents. The exhibition was also visited by international entrepreneurs and chief executives, namely from China.

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