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Space installation FBAUP, Guimaraes, Portugal 2012

Symposum Porto (second part from 2012)

As programmed we developed a Symposium and artist talk at the Capital of Culture GuimarĂ£es 2012, with the presence of artists Pedro Tudela (PT) and John Grzinich (U.S.A./EE), regarding Sound and the Technological Unconscious. The event was held in the emblematic Museu Martins Sarmento, which at the same time was holding the exhibitions Metaphoria (curated by Silvia Guerra) and Love Difference (by Michelangelo Pistoletto) as part of the ECC programme. Several constrains limited the possibility of having a wider audience, due to the strong programme of the ECE in the dates programmed as well as the small size of the art community linked to the subject. There was also some agenda problems to ensure that some major international well known thinkers could participate, as it was the major aim. To correct t a continuation of the Symposium in 2014 parallel to the group exhibition was held in the last quarter 2014. It included a set of artist talks that were presented at the rhythm of 2 per week in a total of 14. The audience of this talks had an average of 50 people. The highlight of this Symposium was the presence of one of the most important thinkers: Slavoj Zizek. It was held in between 20 and 22 November gathering a large crowd of over 1.000 participants. It was recorded in video and made available online with more than 65.000 views.


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