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Residencies FBAUP, Porto, Portugal 2013-2014

It was developed a set of 14 residencies:

John Grzinich (sound)

With a work at Cooperativa dos Pedreiros and performance with results at the Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Mariana (graphic design)

As part of the international programme PurePrint, intending to study the iconography of the Cooperativa dos Pedreiros and linkage to the printing technique as a medium in which “technique is the message”.

Manual Granja (internet)

Development of an internet interface that explores the matter of technical unconscious and delivers a bigger audience impact of the project activities.

Hiwa K. (performance/video)

Kurdish artist develops a performative and fieldwork based work reflecting on the role of war immigrants and refugee, exploring bodily techniques and addressing geopolitical, biopolitical and other identity questions.

Moisés Mañas (multimedia)

Installations that explore the translation of communication devices and the potentials of machine-man relations. Experts in programing and in computation systems.

Rellie de Vries (installation)

Artist based in Tel Aviv with a multidisciplinary practice, ranging from landscape, to painting, to stage design, and to smaller scales, her work provides a reading of contemporary problematics: phisycal, technical and psychological.

Linda Brothewll (installation/repair design)

First trained as a jewellers apprentice before studying Jewellery and Metalwork, worked for various artists and jewellers in the UK and abroad. Her work analyses different techniques and produces subtle interventions repairing existing structures, as ‘Bench Repair Project’.

Istok Kovacs (performance)

Choreographic interventions are site specific and explore different places, as factories, mines, chimneys, or other workspaces, re-enacting it through movement.

Thomas Furlan (installation)

Creates physical structures that amplify/castrates the human body. His works questions post-fordist society , networked labor, and the dematerialization of work.

Daniel Sambo (photo)

Young photographer from Italy with na interest on landscapes and spatial contexts. One of his lines of work explores a technique of evening artifical light stagings, creating special atmospheres. These images are printed and may highlight spaces that belong to a collective unconscious.

Giuliana Racco e Matteo Guidi (instalation)

Currently based in Barcelona, are Italian and Canadian artist-anthropologist team that has been working for a number of years in complex contexts of more or less closed structures – include\ng high security prisons, factories.

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